[Infographics] Data Science Skills Roadmap: Skills and Certifications to Have in 2021

The world runs on data, from making bank deposits, paying taxes, and even communicating with loved ones. All we do is being captured and mapped out digitally. Did you know that in 3 years, the amount of data stored in the world would have tripled? Amazing, right?

However, in 2021, there is still a significant shortage of supply compared to the demand for data scientists. So, you’re in luck! You are at that point in history where the tides are strictly in your favor. In this infographic, we have meticulously outlined a list of the essential certifications and skills for anyone interested in delving into the broad field of data science. This includes vital information on the cost of certification, difficulty, and much more.

Data Science is a vast field with several specializations. Choosing the right certifications may be tough. Here are a few pointers.


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