New Emerging Professions in the Data Science Field Amid the Generative AI Boom


The landscape of Data Science is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by the advent and integration of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. These advancements are enhancing existing job functions and fostering the creation of entirely new professions. This report delves into the emergent roles within the Data Science domain, catalyzed by the Generative AI boom. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and skills required in this evolving market.

New Emerging Professions

AI Prompt Engineer

AI Prompt Engineers specialize in formulating prompts to direct generative AI applications towards producing specific and desired outputs. These experts are pivotal in optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of AI models, making them indispensable in sectors that heavily rely on tailored AI-generated content. Their expertise lies in understanding both the nuances of human language and the technical aspects of AI systems.

Generative Design Specialist

The Generative Design Specialist role emerges at the intersection of creativity and AI, with professionals focusing on leveraging AI to achieve optimal designs in various fields, including architecture, product design, and engineering. They utilize the AI’s ability to generate numerous design iterations, selecting and refining the best options. This role requires a blend of artistic sensibility and technical proficiency.

AI Input and Output Manager

The strategic role of an AI Input and Output Manager is crucial in managing the data that feeds into generative AI systems and the subsequent outputs. This position strongly emphasizes maintaining data privacy and mitigating AI bias, ensuring that AI systems operate within ethical and legal boundaries. The role demands a comprehensive understanding of data governance and AI algorithms.

AI Content Reviewer/Auditor

AI Content Reviewers or Auditors are responsible for assessing the quality, accuracy, and appropriateness of content generated by AI. This role is essential in maintaining trust and integrity in AI applications, as human oversight is necessary to catch errors or biases that AI might miss. These professionals serve as the final checkpoint before AI-generated content reaches the end user.

AI Trainer

AI Trainers are responsible for teaching and refining AI models to ensure the accuracy and relevance of their outputs. They work with large datasets and employ machine learning techniques to continuously improve AI systems. This role is vital for the ongoing development of AI capabilities and requires both technical expertise and a deep understanding of the specific application domain.

AI Maintenance Engineer

AI Maintenance Engineers ensure that AI models and systems are kept up-to-date and troubleshoot any issues. Their work includes performing regular updates, monitoring system performance, and responding to operational challenges. An AI Maintenance Engineer must have a strong background in software engineering and AI model management.

AI Security Specialist

AI Security Specialists focus on defending against malicious AI-enabled threats and developing strategies to use AI to mitigate such threats. They play a defensive role in the cybersecurity landscape, requiring a deep understanding of AI technologies and cyber threats’ evolving nature.

AI Instructor/Literacy Educator

AI Instructors or Literacy Educators are tasked with teaching individuals about the workings, benefits, and challenges of AI. This educational role is critical in fostering a knowledgeable workforce that can interact with and develop AI technologies effectively and responsibly. It requires not only AI expertise but also pedagogical skills to convey complex concepts in an accessible manner.

AI Ethicist/Ethics Officer

AI Ethicists or Ethics Officers are professionals who guide the ethical development and use of AI systems. They establish guidelines for socially responsible applications of AI, ensuring that the technology aligns with societal values and norms. This role demands a unique combination of technical knowledge, ethical reasoning, and policy understanding.

AI Compliance Manager/Officer

AI Compliance Managers or Officers ensure that AI applications comply with ethical guidelines and legal frameworks. They bridge the gap between AI technology and regulatory requirements, which is essential for organizations to maintain legitimacy and avoid legal penalties. This role requires expertise in law, ethics, and AI technologies.

AI Personality Designer

AI Personality Designers create engaging and human-like personalities for generative AI tools. Their work is central to differentiating AI applications and enhancing user experience by making interactions feel more natural and personable. This creative role combines elements of psychology, user experience design, and AI development.

Custom AI Solution Developer

Custom AI Solution Developers focus on creating bespoke AI models tailored to specific industry needs or challenges. They work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and deliver AI solutions that drive innovation and efficiency. This role requires a deep understanding of both AI technologies and the specific industry context.

The Generative AI Impact on Data Science Professions

The proliferation of Generative AI has led to a significant increase in opportunities within the Data Science field. According to LinkedIn, there has been a 12-fold increase in investments in generative AI in India in 2022, signaling the technology’s growing importance. As a result, there is a high demand for Data Science professionals such as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Architects, Business Intelligence Engineers, and Machine Learning Engineers, with roles expanding to include generative AI applications.

Skills in demand include traditional data science competencies, as well as expertise in generative AI technologies like ChatGPT. Proficiency in natural language processing, text mining, customer analytics, risk analytics, fraud analysis, and cybersecurity is particularly valued across sectors including health, wellness & fitness, transportation/logistics/supply chain, insurance, fintech, e-commerce, and SaaS.

The global nature of the demand for these professionals is underscored by multinational companies looking to establish operations in talent-rich regions like India, leveraging the potential for value creation and innovation. Data Science careers in the era of generative AI hold immense promise for both early-career professionals and seasoned experts.


The Generative AI boom has catalyzed the creation of new professions within the Data Science field, each with its unique set of skills and responsibilities. These roles are pivotal in guiding, refining, interpreting, and integrating AI capabilities into various sectors. While the technology may render some jobs obsolete, it simultaneously opens up new pathways for employment and career growth. As businesses across industries increasingly recognize the transformative power of data and AI, the opportunities for data professionals are poised to expand exponentially.


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