Top companies to work in as a Data Professional: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and ML Engineer.

Best companies to work as a Data Professional

The Landscape of Data-Driven Careers

Data professionals are in high demand across various industries in the digital age. As organizations continue to realize the value of data and its impact on decision-making and strategic planning, the need for skilled data scientists, machine learning (ML) engineers, and data analysts grows. This report delves into the top companies and industries that offer promising career opportunities for these professionals, examining factors such as salary, industry presence, and the range of services provided. 

Top Companies for Data Scientists


Accenture stands out as a leading company for data scientists. It provides various services, including strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Given its extensive global footprint, data scientists have the opportunity to work on diverse projects across various sectors, making it an attractive option for those seeking variety in their work. The company also offers competitive salaries and opportunities for career growth.


Databricks, known for its unified data analytics platform, is another top contender for data scientists. The company specializes in data engineering, data science, ML, and analytics, which are all critical areas for a data scientist’s career development. Databricks’ innovative environment and focus on big data processing using Apache Spark provide a rich ground for data scientists to advance their skills.


As a leader in information management solutions, OpenText allows data scientists to work with large-scale data platforms. The company’s global presence means that data scientists can engage with international data sets and contribute to developing cutting-edge solutions in data management.


Splunk transforms machine data into accessible, usable, and valuable insights. For data scientists interested in security analytics and operational intelligence, Splunk provides a unique platform to explore and innovate.


Operating in the field of advertising data and analytics, Unified allows data scientists to delve into marketing data to drive decision-making. This provides a niche opportunity for those interested in the intersection of data science and marketing.


Teradata offers analytics and consulting services and is renowned for its database and analytics-related products. Data scientists at Teradata can expect to work on complex data warehousing projects and contribute to developing scalable data solutions.


Oracle, a technology giant, offers data scientists the chance to work with a wide array of data solutions, including cloud services and enterprise software products. Oracle’s extensive client base provides a varied work environment for data scientists.


Sisense specializes in business intelligence and offers a platform that allows data scientists to simplify complex data and provide actionable insights. For data scientists passionate about translating data into business value, Sisense is an excellent choice.


NVIDIA is at the forefront of AI and ML, with its hardware often being the backbone for data processing and ML tasks. Data scientists at NVIDIA can work on groundbreaking AI projects, making it an ideal workplace for those looking to be part of cutting-edge technology developments.

Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic offers cloud-based log management and analytics services. Data scientists interested in cloud computing and big data analytics will find Sumo Logic an excellent career development platform.

Top Companies for ML Engineers 


ML engineers at Instacart work on improving search functions, predicting product availability, and personalizing customer experiences, which are vital for the company’s grocery delivery platform.


Like its appeal to data scientists, Databricks provides ML engineers with opportunities to work on data engineering and ML projects, utilizing its collaborative workspace for ML development.


Dataiku offers a platform for AI application design, deployment, and management. ML engineers at Dataiku are involved in creating solutions that streamline the development of AI technologies.


Veritone’s aiWARE platform offers ML engineers a chance to work on AI applications, including language identification and content classification, among other AI-driven services. 


DataRobot automates AI and ML application development tasks. ML engineers can use the platform to build and deploy ML models, making it a suitable environment for those looking to focus on the automation aspect of ML.

Top Industries and Companies for Data Analysts

Business Intelligence

Companies like Amazon, Focus KPI, and Affinity Solutions are actively seeking data talent. Data analysts in this industry can earn around $65,000 per year in the U.S.


Financial institutions such as PayPal and Barclays hire data analysts. Entry-level positions offer an average salary of $64,000 per year, with opportunities for bonuses and salary increases.

Sharing Economy Services 

Instacart and Lyft, among others, are hiring data analysts. The average salary in the sharing economy application sector is about $91,000.


 CVS Health,, CarePartners, and Humana are examples of healthcare organizations that employ data analysts. The average salary for these analysts in the U.S. is $70,000.


 The entertainment industry, with companies like Netflix, is a significant employer of data analysts, offering an average salary of about $101,000 annually.


Professionals in the data science, ML engineering, and data analytics fields have many opportunities across different industries. From Accenture’s diverse projects and global reach to Instacart’s ML-driven personalization efforts and the business intelligence roles at Amazon, the landscape for data professionals is rich with potential.

Salary ranges vary by industry and region, with data scientists and ML engineers often commanding higher salaries due to the specialized nature of their skills. When choosing a company or industry, data professionals should consider the salary and company values, benefits, management style, and growth opportunities.

Tailoring résumés and preparing thoroughly for interviews can increase the chances of securing a position at a top company. Prospective employees should also consider the location of these companies, as many offer remote positions, providing flexibility and convenience.

In summary, the best companies for data professionals offer challenging projects, competitive compensation, a culture of innovation, and opportunities for professional development. With the continued expansion of data-driven decision-making, the career prospects for data scientists, ML engineers, and data analysts are both promising and exciting. 


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