9 Definitive Reasons to Become Tableau Certified

To be or not to be Tableau Certified? That is the question! Which doesn’t rhyme as well as Shakespeare’s version, but it does reflect a struggle you would face if you were enthusiastic about data science.

There are so many options as far data visualization tools are concerned, and if you’re considering whether or not you should get a tableau certification, this guide is for you.

Keep in mind, it is possible to find considerable success without a certification. Many top companies hire professionals with an excellent portfolio demonstrating proficiency in tableau. Still, a certification will boost your credibility, and give you a competitive advantage.

And before I get to the reasons why you should become Tableau Certified, let me answer four frequently asked questions from students subscribed to our platform –

1.  Is a Tableau Certification Worth It?

A Tableau Certification is worth it! But like everything good in life, it largely depends on use. A certification in Tableau will serve you well, depending on your goal. If you want to advance in your analytics career or work in positions where the leading software is Tableau, you should get a certification. It is unlikely that you’ll lack opportunities as a Tableau certified professional.

Furthermore, as a Tableau professional, you will be well paid since, according to Indeed, a Tableau Certified professional salary averages at $117,000 per year.

2.  What Is the Level of Tableau Certification Difficulty?

Tableau certification difficulty is relative. While tableau is one of the most intuitive and easy to learn tools, you need to dedicate yourself to study to pass the exams. If you’re a beginner, you will need at least 2-3 weeks to prepare for a Tableau Desktop certification.

The level of difficulty of Tableau exams is proportional to the amount of time you dedicate to study the product. The more time you give it, the easier it will become.

3.  How Can One Get a Tableau Certification?

Do you know how to get a Tableau certification? Go to Tableau website, on their certification page and sign up for a product exam whenever you’re ready. Each product exam has an exam preparation guide.

4.  Which Is the best Tableau Certification?

The best tableau certification depends mostly on your tableau proficiency level. There are five tableau certification exams, and all are currently based on product version 2020.1

  1.  Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Is the easiest level of certification whose validity doesn’t expire, unlike the other advanced levels that are only valid for two to three years. The exam fee is $100, and it tests for understanding of basic functionality of Tableau.
  2. Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Exam – The exam tests for the expertise and comprehensive understanding of the software’s functionality, with a fee of $250 and a certificate valid for two years. Tableau recommends that you take the test after a product experience of over five months.
  3. Tableau Desktop Certified Professional Exam – Tests for advanced knowledge of product functionality and visual best practice, after paying a test fee of $600. To qualify for the test, Tableau requires candidates to have an active desktop certified associate certificate. The recommended number of months with product experience before testing is at least 12 months,’ and the certificate is valid for three years.
  4. Tableau Server Certified Associate Exam – The fee is $250, and the test assesses administrative functionality and software knowledge. Tableau suggests that candidates have at least over six months of server working experience before taking the test.
  5. Tableau Server Certified Professional Exam –  Tableau requires candidates to have an active server certified associate certificate to qualify for the exam and suggested 9+ months of product use. The test focuses on architectural knowledge and platform integration expertise, and the fee is $ 800.

9 Reasons to become Tableau Certified

1.   There Are Ample Job Opportunities for Tableau Professionals

The average person produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, which is about 1.7 MB of data per second.

On the other hand, research shows that there aren’t enough people with a combination of computation and analytical skills required for big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Further, with the global increase of available big data, there is a corresponding increase in demand for data visualization software. Gartner named Tableau as the leading data visualization and business intelligence tool for seven consecutive years.

Increasing demand means that the Tableau certification salary is also quite attractive. And, even though you may have an impressive working knowledge of Tableau, certification serves as a confirmation of your skills and looks more trustworthy to a HR professional.

As a well-positioned Tableau professional, you’re almost always guaranteed an employment opportunity. From large companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Apple to medium and small businesses, the corporate world needs data scientists and visualization experts.   

2.   Tableau Professionals Qualify for a Variety of Roles

With one of the Tableau certifications, you can perform in a wide array of job positions, including working as a Tableau Consultant, Data Analysts, Visualization Expert, Model Developer, Data Strategists, Workflow Integrator, and various business intelligence roles.

3.   Enjoy Tableau Versatility

As a data scientist, you will often find that you have to integrate and assimilate data from multiple sources. Therefore, working with a flexible and versatile tool is of the essence. Tableau makes it easy to integrate and visualize data models from other tools such as R, Python, and others.

4.    Unlock Your Creativity with Tableau’s Easy to Use Interface

The software is among the most intuitive and easy to use products in the market. Tableau interface is well organized, making it easy for clients to customize their experience. It’s easy to use interface with drag and drop features allows you to focus on unlocking your creativity instead of spending time navigating the tool.

The intuitive aspects of the software provide a stable foundation which makes it a bit easier to prepare for a Tableau exam. You’ll often find that preparation unlocks deeper insights and knowledge on aspects of Tableau you would  otherwise not have discovered.

5.    It’s Easy to Build Data Models in Tableau

Data modeling is the process of providing rules to query the data coming from multiple data tables to draw reports. Tableau is one of the most user-friendly tools for creating a visual presentation of your data models by analyzing, understanding, and clarifying the data.

6.   Intriguing Data Visualizations

Tableau enables data scientists and business intelligence professionals to make insightful, colorful, and interactive data visuals. With the software, you can create interactive graphs and charts which empower you to draw meaningful insight for businesses you support. Tableau’s outstanding capacity to create beautiful data is one reason why it is the software of choice for many enterprises and individuals.

7.    Easy to Learn

The software is one of the most intuitive easy to learn tools available in the market. It is the ease of use that makes certification achievable. And going through certification delivers valuable insights about the tool.

8.    Capacity to Handle Big Data Analytics

The tool is designed as an end–to–end data analytics tool for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing big data. Tableau prides itself on being a self-service visual analysis tool that enables people to make different data queries and get meaningful insights.

9.   Flexible Pricing

Tableau has a flexible pricing system for individuals and enterprises. Tableau Creator, which includes Tableau desktop and Tableau Desktop prep builder with one license tableau serve and tableau online, goes for $70. With $35, you get Tableau Explorer, which includes one Explorer License of Tableau Server, and for $12, you get one viewer license of Tableau Server.

Final Thoughts

Becoming Tableau certified will undoubtedly help you stand out in the big data analytics job market. The certification serves as evidence of superior Tableau product comprehension and will expose you to opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to access. So, if you’re considering any of the Tableau associate certifications or Tableau server certifications, by all means, go for it!

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