December Challenge

Problem Statement

Welcome Data Scientist to the 4th SDS Club Monthly Challenge! In this month’s challenge you have been hired by a hostel company to help them determine a fair price for their new hostels based on previous hostel data. Your mission to predict the price of each hostel based on the data provided.


MSE = {\frac{1}{n}\sum_{i=1}^{n}(y_{i} - \hat{y}_{i})^{2}}

Understanding the Dataset

In the dataset there are 65 unique columns. Each column is properly and descriptively named in the dataset.

Dataset Files

public_listings.csv – Dataset to train and analyze
pred_listings.csv – Dataset to predict listings’ prices


All submissions should be sent through email to When submitting, the file should contain predictions made on the pred_listings.csv file, and it should have the following format:In [ ]:



The data was scraped and collected by Inside Airbnb from publicly available information on the Airbnb site.

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