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PODCAST: An inspiring journey from a different background to Data Science.

To ease into this fantastic field, we've selected a great episode you can listen to on your commute, at breakfast, or wherever.

PODCAST: Meet your instructors

In order to ease into this amazing field, we've selected a great episode you can listen to on your commute, at breakfast or wherever to get you fired up to continue on this fantastic journey.

RESOURCE: Learning paths

We are bringing you a new learning experience. We know how difficult it is to carve out a career track, so we’re introducing our Python Programming for Data Science Skill Track to guarantee your way to success.

GUIDE: How to use FAQBot.

As an additional resource, we are deploying our FAQBot (Mango) to help answer any frequently asked - FAQ-related questions for the course. You will see Mango (our bot) in the Q&A to help quickly access FAQ-based questions and information.


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