The basic theories behind Optimization Algorithms

What is an optimization algorithm? How do they function? How are they applied? Learn the basics behind these powerful algorithms!

Feature List
  • Optimization algorithms are mathematical tools that are executed in an iterative way, comparing several possible solutions until an optimal, or at least a satisfactory solution is found.
  • In order to implement this kind of algorithm, you need to consider four elements related to the problem: design variables, limiting, objective functions and the limits of variables.
  • Design variables are the variables for which we are looking for a solution.
  • The limits are values related to the problem that relate the design variables to physical characteristics and resource limitations.
  • The objective function is what we will try to minimize or maximize. How we use numerical methods for the optimization calculation, it is important that this function is actually written in a mathematical form.
  • The limits of variables imply that the design variables may have some intrinsic limits, which restrict the scope for possible solutions.

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