Modern Web Scraping with Python

Harness the power of Scrapy, BeautifulSoup and Selenium to boost your web scraping game and unlock infinite data sources

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Learn from Industry Leaders

AI & Cybersecurity Engineer and SuperDataScience instructor Jordan Sauchuk, leads you through the ins and outs of Web Scraping, from the basics to building your own applications every step of the way.




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Build Powerful Web Scrapers

Understand the most important components of web scraping and be able to create your own web scrapers to obtain new data, optimize internal processes, and more. Build using Python, and use the automated testing suite Selenium, the Python framework Scrapy, and library BeautifulSoup to build web scrapers that can be customized to your specific needs.

Unlock Infinite Data Sources Across the Web

Web scraping allows you to obtain new data at greater ease and optimize internal processes with greater efficiency.

Avoid Legal and Technical Pitfalls

From data spoofing to legalities, crawling libraries, maintenance, monitoring, more, building a safe and effective web scraper is risky business but it’s a skill every data scientist needs in their toolkit.

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  • Web scraping intuition: cover all web scraping basics, including legalities, browsers and popular libraries such as Requests, Scrapy, Beautiful Soup and Selenium.
  • Scrapy case study: cover core details that can be applied to building datasets or mining using Scrapy. 
  • Beautiful soup case study: utilize the requests library and LXML parser, and scale up to deploy a new scraping algorithm to scrape top product information from Amazon.
  • Selenium & Beautiful Soup case study: set up Selenium, and deploy it to solve a practical, real-world challenge.  Plus, submit your solution to obtain useful feedback from me.
  • Web scraping for sensitive information & cybersecurity: learn about the cybersecurity issues associated with web scraping and how to automate web scraping.

Why Should I Take This Course?

Data Toolkit Must-Have

Unlock More Data Sources

Versatile Skillset

Web scraping opens up an infinite amount of data sources and its methods allow you to obtain new data at greater ease and optimize internal processes with greater efficiency.

Simply put, web scraping helps businesses of all kinds make competitive decisions that help them get to the top and stay there.

No expensive software installation

Start from scratch

Expert Instructor

The original growth hack used by Fortune 500 companies can easily be yours. Leaders like Walmart, CNN, Target, HSBC and more use web scraping to stay competitive on pricing, inform their strategy and measure customer sentiment.

Web scraping is a scrappy tool that every data scientist needs in their toolkit. And the best part? It’s simple and easy to learn, and we’re doing it in Python!

Become a Top Python Data Scientist

Web scraping is a foundational skillset that every top Python Data Scientist needs in their toolkit to land a job at a startup or a Fortune 500 company. 

Average salary

for a Data Scientist in the U.S.
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Unlock More Data in Any Industry

Practical applications of web scraping are infinite these days. Businesses around the world use it to get better data, better insights, and make better decisions...and so can you.

From finance to retail, journalism and more, here’s just a taste of what it can do:

Retail: Competitor price monitoring
Finance: Financial data aggregation
Public Relations: Social media sentiment analysis
Marketing: Customer sentiment analysis
Journalism: news tracking
Sales: Lead generation

The skills you learn in Modern Web Scraping with Python can be applied to solve business problems across a wide range of industries and niches. Instructor Jordan Sauchuk provides you with a foundation of skills that you can easily apply to your own business challenges.

We’ll be coding in Python, and using the automated testing suite Selenium, the Python framework Scrapy, and library BeautifulSoup to build web scrapers that can be customized to your specific needs.

Web Scraping Newbies and Professionals Are Welcomed

New to web scraping? Modern Web Scraping with Python gives you everything you need build the skills set and confidence to unlock new data sources online. Instructor Jordan Sauchuk explains each phase of building a custom web scraper in Selenium, Scrapy, and BeautifulSoup.

Already know your way around web scraping? This course builds your confidence further by revising what you already know and exposing you to new projects.
Modern Web Scraping with Python is perfect for a wide range of professionals, total newbies or intermediate data scientists, including:

Data Scientists who want to take their skills to the next level
Machine Learning/AI engineers who want to put together new sources of information and datasets
Web developers looking to obtain new information or automate tasks
Software engineers looking to expand their skillset
Beginners looking to enter the domain
Anyone interested in web scraping or its related libraries, its use of Python

Whether you’re a data scientist, machine learning or AI engineer who wants to access more data sources; a web developer looking to automate tasks, or a data buff with a general interested in data science and web scraping.

This course delivers an in-depth presentation of web scraping basics, methodologies and approaches that you can easily apply to your own personal projects, or out there in the real world of business.

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