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Gain the Skills to Pass

Learn the exact skills that will be tested on the 70-779 Excel Exam with a curriculum tailored to the official list of measured skills.

Learn From An Expert

Go hands-on with Oxford MBA and Analytics, Business Intelligence and Excel expert Ben Young, who walks you through each new skill step-by-step.

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An Exam-Ready Curriculum

  • Learn how to consume and transform data by importing it from different sources: databases, files, folders, Microsoft SQL Azure, Big Data, SSAS and Power Query.
  • Explore and model data using Excel’s new Data Model capabilities, the DAX language, and more.
  • And finally, present and visualize data, all in ways tested on the certification exam, including PivotTables, PivotCharts and creating interactions between Excel and PowerBI.

Why Should I Take This Program?

Exam-Specific Guide

Practice Exam

Real-World Projects

Adding the 70-779 Excel Certification to your resume validates your ability to analyze and visualize data. The official certification is instantly recognized by current and future employers and guarantees your path to a better career.

This course exposes you to the exact list of skills that will be tested on the 70-779 Excel Certification exam. It guides you through real-world challenges that help you gain unmatched confidence and capabilities in data analysis and visualization.

Boost Salary

Get More Promotions

Increase Productivity

Nearly every data science project starts with Excel. As the No.1 software in business, it's a mandatory skill for all data scientists working in analytics or business intelligence.

Mastering data analysis and data visualization with Excel puts you ahead of your uncertified colleagues. Save yourself days of work per year by being more productive with Excel, and uncover deeper insights with newfound skills, tips and tricks.

Earn More with Excel Certification

Certified Excel users increase their likelihood of promotions and lift earnings by 15% on average compared to non-certified users, while also showing an average productivity gain of 20%.

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Average Lift in Salary

compared to non-certified users.

What You Will Get

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  • Experienced industry leaders & online instructors
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  • Self-paced course
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Intensive Course

  • 2.5 hours of video lectures
  • 1 practice exam
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Career Credentials

  • Earn a certificate of completion
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Prepare for the 70-779 exam

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Pass Exam with Ease

In only 2.5 hours you will learn everything you need to build your confidence in data analysis and visualization and pass the 70-779 Excel exam successfully.

Level up your basic Excel skills to professional standards by learning how to consume, transform, model and visualize data like an expert. This course doesn’t only provide theoretical knowledge but builds up your practical and foundational skills to the level needed to succeed in the certification exam too.

Boost Your Career

Need to upgrade your skills ahead of future promotions or salary increases? No problem. Use this course as the boost your data science career is missing.

Businesses large and small, in countries all around the world, run off of systems and processes built on and around Excel. With so many people using Excel as part of their day-to-day jobs, it is more important than ever for you to stand out from the crowd, contribute and be entrusted with business-critical opportunities.

Increase your productivity and deliver more powerful insights and reports with professional data analysis and visualization skills that will impress colleagues and C-suite executives.

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