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Prepare for AWS certification with the most comprehensive course online. Master AWS cloud concepts, security and compliance, pricing models, and fundamental AWS technology services ahead of your certification exam.

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Gain the Knowledge to Pass

Master the AWS ecosystem and learn the exact content that will be tested on the Certified Cloud Practitioner exam using our detailed curriculum that is based on the official list of measured material.

Test Yourself

Put your knowledge to the test with 65 practice questions designed to simulate the exact questions you will find on the official exam.

Learn from an AWS Expert

Take part in a hands-on learning experience with AWS expert, MBA and best-selling online instructor Dr. Ryan Ahmed. Walkthrough each new module step-by-step and converse with Ryan when you have questions.

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A Certification-Ready Curriculum

  • Understanding key AWS services Compute, Storage, Database.
  • Mastering AWS security, identity and compliance services.
  • Mastering the fundamentals of Management and Governance services.
  • Understanding the basics of networking and content delivery services.
  • AWS regions and availability zones
  • Learning AWS Cost Management Services and AWS Cost Explorer basics. 
  • Learning the basics of Migration and Data Transfer services.
  • Understanding cloud computing types, concepts and deployment strategies.
  • Understanding various AWS cloud and architectural design principals.
  • Reviewing various AWS pricing models, billing, and account management strategies.

Why Should I Take This Course?

Industry-Recognized Credentials

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In-Demand Certification

AWS has dominated the cloud computing market for the past nine years. With competitors Google and Microsoft far behind, demand for AWS practitioners is at an all-time high. If you want to earn more and do more in your data science career, then becoming AWS certified is your chance to reach your goals now and secure your career. And with 54% of AWS practitioners holding at least one AWS certification—becoming certified is imperative if you want to get noticed.

300+ Slides

65 Question Practice Exam

Expert Instructor

If you want to start a career in AWS, validate your existing expertise or go on to earn Associate and Specialty level certifications, then the AWS Cloud Practitioner is your starting point for a successful career up the AWS ladder. This course offers the most comprehensive curriculum online and builds your confidence to the level required for you to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam with a perfect score. Prepare to go one-on-one with AWS and data science expert Dr. Ryan as he gives you the best introduction to the AWS ecosystem available.

Earn More With AWS Certification

Did you know that 52%*** of certified AWS professionals experience an increase in salary after becoming certified, with an average increase of 28% reported by newly certified professionals? 

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Average salary

for an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

What You Will Get

Expert Instruction

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On-Demand Lifetime Content

  • Self-paced course
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Intensive Course

  • 2.5 hours of video lectures
  • 1 practice exam
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Career Credentials

  • Earn a certificate of completion
  • Work on real-world projects
  • Prepare for the Cloud Practitioner Exam

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Learn from Scratch

This course helps you learn everything you need to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam with a perfect score. Start with the basics of cloud computing and master the various AWS products, services and concepts, including architectural design principals, deployment and operational best practices, security, compliance and more. AWS expert Dr. Ryan Ahmed reviews every piece of information you need to succeed and makes learning this in-demand cloud platform an enjoyable experience.

And while the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is intended for individuals with at least 6 months of hands-on experience, this course is designed to help you pass from scratch.

Whether you’re a data science beginner, manager or executive, enrolling in this course is your best route to earning your first AWS certification, gaining the confidence to get started and moving on to designing and deploying rich enterprise-level applications.

Enroll today to gain unshakable confidence in every concept and service covered on the Cloud Practitioner exam, including EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, S3 Glacier, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, CloudFormation, and Trusted Advisor, VPC, CloudFront, and Route 53, Database Migration Service (DMS), Snowball, and more.

Climb the AWS Career Ladder

Getting AWS certified is a must if you want to remain competitive in the job market. According to Jefferson Hack, 54% of AWS practitioners hold at least one AWS certification, and 26% are currently working their way toward certification.
Intended for data science beginners, account executives, managers, and more importantly CEOs, the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification provides you with the exact knowledge and messaging that the C-Suite will understand and the foundational knowledge to build your practical skills, achieve Associate or Specialty-Level certification and earn more.

If you want to carve out a career with the fastest-growing public cloud platform in the world, then becoming AWS certified should be your top priority.

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