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PODCAST: Meet your instructors

How does living on Mars sound to you? Well, even though it might not be something to consider right away, you might be better off if you start making plans soon! Why? Listen to episode 071 and find out…

PODCAST: An inspiring journey from a different background to Data Science.

To ease into this fantastic field, we've selected a great episode you can listen to on your commute, at breakfast, or wherever.

PDF GUIDE: Important notes, tips & tricks for this course

We want you to have the best learning experience during the whole journey of this course. Therefore, please download some critical notes to understand, as well as tips & tricks to take this course in the best conditions.

PDF GUIDE: All answers to your questions

This PDF resource will help you a lot!

This document of more than 50 pages containing the answers to all the most frequently asked and most important questions, section by section.

RESOURCE: Learning paths

We are bringing you a new learning experience. We know how difficult it is to carve out a career track, so we’re introducing the Artificial Intelligence Engineer Learning Track to guarantee your way to success.

GUIDE: Your Shortcut To Becoming A Better Data Scientist!

How participating in the Q&A can help us learn better

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